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Published December 21 2017, By ChiropodyDubai

Change Your Lifestyle To Fight Fungal Infection

Fungal infections affect different parts and organs of the body but fungal nail infection also develops bad appearance on the nail either fingernail or toenail. According to the study of American Academy of Dermatology, the occurrence of toe fungal infections is more than finger infections.The overgrowth of fungi in the body leads to infection under warm and moist environment. The common signs of nail fungal infections are brittleness or thickness of the nail, distorted nail, and odor from the infected nail.

Lifestyle modifications bring noticeable changes in the condition of fungal toe infections. It can be counted as another important factor to fight against fungal nail infections. To make the infection treatment more effective, healthcare professional advice to alter some routine tasks and diet. You can find some easy to follow tips in this blog which will help you in controlling and managing fungal nail infections.


Moderate Exercise:

Excessive exercise lowers the immunity of the body. Low and moderate intensity exercises like a short walk in the fresh air and yoga which enhances the relaxation and reduces stress in the body are recommended. A high concentration of blood glucose level is good for the growth of fungus, so these low-intensity exercises aid the body to relax. Other techniques are meditation, tai chi, and massage that will help to improve the health and to boost the immunity of the body.


Keep Yourself away from Stress: 

Psychological stress has the same effects on the body as the physical stress. Work overload, grief, and traumas are the causes of stress which should be avoided in order to maintain the mental health. There may be the elevated pulse rate, insomnia, and poor digestion. If you find any of these, you should immediately turn the direction and move towards a better lifestyle.


Cleaning of the Infected Nail is Important:  

Few special precautions can help relieving the fungal nail infection. Use non- soapy and non-alkaline cleaning soap to wash the affected part. The cleaning agents having harsh chemicals and antiseptic solutions may aggravate the fungal infections. You should thoroughly dry the part at least once a day or can apply a dry and mild foot powder to keep it away from moisture.


Avoid Immunoweakening Substances:

Daily you expose to different sorts of substances from the surroundings that weaken your immune system or intensify the infection. These substances can be absorbed through the skin or inhaled by the air-born particles. Among these substances are certain hair care products, creams, mouthwashes, deodorants, supplements, narcotics and others. The patients affected with fungal nail infections should use medicated products. Cigarette smoke, alcohol vapors, and cleaning products (color and citric acid products) also affects adversely.

Special products that are free of harmful chemicals and allergens should be in routine use. Low intensity and enjoyable exercises improve the mental, as well as physical health of a person, therefore, should be the part of the routine to manage the fungal nail infections.


Dr Sami is the experienced podiatrist in Dubai, expert in treating fungal nail infections. He also has expertise in curing of other foot infections and ulcers.

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