Published December 23 2017, By ChiropodyDubai
Restless leg syndrome as the name indicates is the condition in which the affected person feels the desire to move legs while resting. RLS or Willis-Ekbom disease becomes sever in the evening or at night, relieves temporarily upon moving. This … Continue reading
Published December 21 2017, By ChiropodyDubai
Fungal infections affect different parts and organs of the body but fungal nail infection also develops bad appearance on the nail either fingernail or toenail. According to the study of American Academy of Dermatology, the occurrence of toe fungal infections … Continue reading
Published December 19 2017, By ChiropodyDubai
What is a bunion? A bunion, also referred to as hallux valgus, is movement of the 1st metatarsal outwards making it protrude at the big toe joint forming a bump or a “bunion”.  It is critical to understand that there … Continue reading
Published December 13 2017, By ChiropodyDubai
The concept development for the shoe selection based on the foot mechanics dated back to the mid of the 19th century. It was recommended to the runners to wear shoes that match their foot architecture. But various studies have raised … Continue reading
Published November 28 2017, By ChiropodyDubai
Have you ever had a nagging pain the ball of the foot that doesn’t seem to go away. You feel it if yIu run and it gets better if you stop physical exercises for a couple of weeks. You may … Continue reading
Published November 25 2017, By ChiropodyDubai
The structure of the foot, if abnormal, may cause pain in the hips, knees, knee ligaments, and back. Experts say that all these ailments can be linked to foot pronation or flat foot. The foot bears as much as five … Continue reading
Published November 9 2017, By ChiropodyDubai
The heel pain can be managed by conservative medical care in 90% of the cases. To manage the heel pain effectively, a combination of exercises and medications are usually used. Various treatment modes are available for heel pain and to … Continue reading
Published September 3 2016, By ChiropodyDubai
Many patients ask about the cracking in their heels. It is unsightly and can be painful if the cracks ulcerate. It is all about the use of sandals. The reason heels crack is that when we walk in sandals, the … Continue reading
Published August 5 2016, By ChiropodyDubai
The Ache: We often don’t think about our feet much—until they start hurting. Painful conditions such as hammertoe, bunions and plantar fasciitis are common later in life. The Claim: A simple exercise of stretching your toes sideways, done in yoga … Continue reading