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Published November 25 2017, By ChiropodyDubai

How Foot Issues can Cause Hip, Knee and Back Pain

The structure of the foot, if abnormal, may cause pain in the hips, knees, knee ligaments, and back. Experts say that all these ailments can be linked to foot pronation or flat foot. The foot bears as much as five times the body weight. The human foot has three arches and they all work together to distribute load during walking, running or jumping. Normally, the arch of the foot becomes flat to absorb shock but in the presences of overpronation it rolls in during impact, making it unable to evenly absorb shock.



This abnormal shock distribution causes deformation in the biomechanics of knees, pelvis, and back which can result in pain.

  • Flat feet limit motion of the ankle and hips move inwards towards the centre of the body.

Arches higher than normal move the hips outward imparting excessive stress on pelvis and spine


Signs and Symptoms:

The initial symptoms are pain:

  • During standing and other physical activities, pain may be felt in the ankle, shins, knees, and the lower back.
  • Pain and tension are felt in the sole and arches of the foot.
  • High tension and stress in the musculature of the lower leg.


Other Ailments Related to Oversupination or Overpronation:

Due to overpronation, hypermobility occurs causing leg muscles to pull harder to lock the foot. This is particularly evident during running when these muscles are overused causing shin splints. Another problem arises when the Achilles tendons at the back of the foot becomes inflamed due to the strain it bears during activity. The medial collateral ligaments of the knee can also be stressed by the poor architecture of the foot.

People having the condition of knock-kneed may have flat soles, their feet move inward to counter the misalignment of the knee.


Consult A Podiatrist: 

A full history and  a biomechanical examination should be performed to assess the cause of the symptoms.

Both overpronation and oversupination can lead to pain in the legs, knees, and back. If you develop symptoms during any type of exercise and these symptoms persist, it would be prudent to consult your healthcare provider for further assessment.


Dr .Sami is an experienced podiatrist and has a keen interest in sports related overuse injuries.


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